Refurbished workstations and servers sold at fox in the box
At Fox in the Box, selling IT hardware is the mission, but our main focus is customer satisfaction, and customer retention

The refurbished workstation and server market has experienced year-on-year growth for around a decade. Instead of purchasing brand new units direct from big name manufacturers, SMEs are turning to trusted resellers of refurbished hardware to ensure that they’re getting the most bang for their technological buck.

The demand for refurbished stock is at an all-time high and growth in the sector has led to a proliferation of companies offering all kinds of refurbished hardware solutions across a variety of manufacturers from laptops to workstations, servers, server components, CAD workstations and NAS devices.

The marketplace is crowded, and most sellers find it hard to distinguish themselves from the competition.

But not us… We do things differently. A lot differently. When you buy a refurbished unit from Foxinthebox, you’re not just purchasing computer hardware, you’re benefitting from industry-leading levels of order processing and quality control that delivers a stellar customer experience 100% of the time.

Flawless pre-sales consultancy

Most refurbished workstation and server suppliers are just that – suppliers. When you speak to our sales team, you’re talking to certified experts with decades worth of experience in building and maintaining cutting-edge IT hardware from major manufacturers across the globe.

We understand how different computer components behave when operated next to one another. We’ve built thousands of units from scratch, and we pass our knowledge on to all our customers to ensure they’re purchasing the right kit, for the right purpose.

Personalised service

When it comes to procuring IT hardware, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s a cliché, but it’s true! We encourage our clients to talk to us before every purchase, allowing us to nail down the specification of each individual unit required. Beware of companies who push surplus stock on unsuspecting customers just to free up warehouse space or get rid of slow-moving units. They’re easy to spot – you usually have to tell them 20 times that no, you’re not interested in a CAD PC for a reception desk, or yes, you REALLY DO need more than 4GB of RAM on a production laptop.

Comprehensive testing policy

We only source equipment from manufacturers who we trust. We’re not interested in taking a chance on brands who may or may not be able to provide reliable hardware. All our kit originates from enterprise-level organisations and is thoroughly retested to a set of strict pre-sales standards the moment we receive it.

Industry-leading delivery and support structures

Everyone is familiar with the story of purchasing IT kit online and having to wait weeks to finally get what you paid for. We hate this trend just as much as you do. We aim to deliver stock in 1-3 days, with most units taking just a day to arrive from the point of purchase. Our hardware is sold with 6 months warranty as standard, with the option for a 3-year extension if required.

Let’s face it, when it comes to refurbished kit, issues can sometimes arise after the initial sale. Instead of sticking our fingers in our ears and filing your email under “Please Go Away” like some other suppliers, we operate a speedy repair operation that offers component replacement, remote technical support and a 48-hour turnaround for all returns, with no exceptions.

Call us now for a free consultation

Firstly – thanks for getting this far! Hopefully we’ve outlined why you should be choosing us over the million and one refurbished hardware vendors that promise the earth but deliver a weed.

Give us a call on 01759 207 206, use the contact us form, or email us at with any further enquiries. We’re always happy to help!