What are refurbished servers and workstations?

‘Used’ equipment is just that – a piece of second hard hardware sold as seen.

A ‘refurbished’ workstation or server is a piece of reconditioned IT hardware that has been thoroughly tested and configured for use within a business environment.

Most refurbished units are manufactured by big name brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens and Cisco. Refurbished hardware is cost-effective, durable, powerful and designed to carry out a broad range of business functions.

Our machines are perfect for low workload environments, and are sold as single, self-contained units with no additional hardware or components required. Our products benefit from a 6 month warranty, with certain units carrying the option to extend.

What is the refurbishment process?

Before we acquire hardware, our external suppliers test and grade the equipment. Once a unit arrives at our facility, we subject it to a rigorous series of additional hardware and software tests, ensuring that all the kit we sell is fully operable and ready to use out of the box.

Some of our tests include:

• Overnight RAM tests to ensure memory is error-free and stable.

• HDD and SSD tests that check for bad sectors and/or errored partitions.

• Motherboards are physically inspected for damage, including intact capacitors and missing or broken components.

• Power supplies (PSU’s) are tested for the right voltage output, alongside cable and connector testing.

• Cosmetic checks – Covers are resurfaced and metallic components are repainted, if required.

• Monitors and displays are checked for faults, including cracks and pixel damage.

Besides the Fox, what’s in the Box?

Our hardware arrives packaged in a durable brown box, with custom fit foam inserts that eliminate damage in transit.

We provide a standard 3-pin power cable (kettle lead) with all of our machines. For international orders, where possible, we try to provide EU 2-pin leads. If your order includes graphics cards or SSD’s, we provide the original retail packaging so that the unit remains compliant with the manufacturer’s warranty.

All of our machines are shipped without passwords or client data of any sort.

With the exception of operating systems, our hardware is sold without any third-party software installed. Users are expected to finalise an operating system installation by providing their details for security and GDPR purposes.

Get in touch for more info

Our team of friendly, certified refurbished hardware experts are on hand to answer any queries you may have.
Feel free to give us a call on 01759 207 206, chat to us via our website, or send us an email on sales@foxinthebox.co.uk

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