Nvidia Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5 Professional Graphics Card CAD, Design, Sound, Photo and Video Edit

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  • Memory Size: 8 GB
  • Memory Type: GDDR5
  • Memory Bus: 256-bit
  • CUDA Cores: 1792
  • Max Power Consumption: 105W
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Introducing the Nvidia Quadro P4000, a high-performance professional graphics card designed for enthusiasts.
Launched on February 6th, 2017, this refurbished powerhouse boasts cutting-edge features. Crafted on a 16 nm process and powered by the GP104 graphics processor, the Quadro P4000 delivers exceptional performance. It supports DirectX 12, ensuring seamless compatibility with the latest software. The GP104-850-A1 variant showcases a die area of 314 mm² and an impressive 7,200 million transistors.
Unlike its counterpart, the GeForce GTX 1080, which houses 2560 shaders, the Quadro P4000 strategically disables certain shading units to meet its target shader count. With 1792 shading units, 112 texture mapping units, and 64 ROPs, this card offers unparalleled graphical prowess. Paired with 8 GB GDDR5 memory connected via a 256-bit memory interface, it delivers lightning-fast performance.
Running at a base frequency of 1202 MHz, with a boost potential up to 1480 MHz, and memory clocked at 1901 MHz, the Quadro P4000 ensures smooth operation even under heavy workloads. As a single-slot card, it requires power from a single 6-pin power connector with a maximum power draw of 105 W. Display outputs include 4x DisplayPort 1.4a, offering flexibility in connectivity.
Utilizing a PCI-Express 3.0 x16 interface, it seamlessly integrates into your system. With dimensions of 241 mm in length and 111 mm in width, featuring a single-slot cooling solution, the Nvidia Quadro P4000 combines performance with sleek design, making it an ideal choice for demanding professional tasks.


  • Memory Interface 256-bit
  • Memory Bandwidth Up to 243 GB/s
  • NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 1792
  • System Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
  • Max Power Consumption 105 W
  • Thermal Solution Active
  • Form Factor 4.4” H x 9.5” L, Single Slot, Full Height
  • Display Connectors 4x DP 1.4
  • Max Simultaneous Displays 4 direct, 4 DP 1.4 Multi-Stream
  • Display Resolution 4x 4096×2160 @ 120Hz 4x 5120×2880 @ 60Hz
  • Graphics APIs Shader Model 5.1, OpenGL 4.55, DirectX 12.06, Vulkan 1.05
  • Compute APIs CUDA, DirectCompute, OpenCL™

Nvidia Quadro P4000 Product Sheet

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Grade A Refurbished


12 Months RTB Warranty

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 20 cm

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